Each year Susan G. Komen® hosts the 3-Day series held in seven cities across the country to fundraise for breast cancer research and community outreach programs. The inspirational walks bring together thousands of participants, many of whom are breast cancer survivors, or friends and family of someone affected. Over the course of three days, participants walk a grueling 60 miles together and share their stories along the way, making for an emotional and powerful event.

Susan G. Komen presented Boundless with a creative challenge to come up with a promotion that would evoke emotion and passion for the opening ceremony. The resulting campaign featured reusable LED wristbands that were turned on during a key part of the early morning ceremony. First, the survivors turned on their PINK wristbands and proudly held their hands in the air. Then the rest of the participants, wearing a WHITE wristband, were asked to raise their hands in support as well – all to light the way for the fight to end breast cancer.

Along with the LED wristbands, participants also received promise ribbons with motivating quotes made of stretchy material that could be used as a hair tie, bracelet or on a lanyard. The campaign also included customized shirts, pink super hero capes and hats that helped motivate the walkers to make it to the finish line of the intense 60 mile walk. With more than 8,400 participants and over 19.7 million dollars raised, Boundless was proud to have played a role in such a powerful movement to end breast cancer.

In a tradition dating back 70 years, the winner of the Indianapolis 500 Race famously drinks milk to celebrate their hard-earned victory! This year, in the 100th running of the race, The American Dairy Association Indiana partnered with Boundless in the production of the glass-etched bottle to deliver an iconic Brand Love moment. Dubbed the “Coolest Prize in Sports” by Sports Illustrated, this year the milk bottle was seen by over 350,000 fans at the track and another 6.5 million TV viewers at home. Along with the milk bottle, the campaign also included a customized cooler to keep the milk cold on race day, and over 1,000 commemorative bottles that were given to the media, VIPs, and business leaders prior to the event.

The American Dairy Association Indiana has been presenting the Indy 500 winners with milk at Victory Lane for over 70 years, however, it wasn’t until the mid-80’s that they recognized the great branding opportunity and began decorating the bottle with their logo. Since then the buzz surrounding the campaign has garnered a huge amount of exposure for their brand and industry as a whole. By adding their logo, The American Dairy Association Indiana turned a simple milk bottle into a powerful promotion in the sporting world that continues to spark connections with fans across the country.

Boundless teamed up with Cedars-Sinai and the Los Angeles Dodgers to raise brand awareness and connect with fans via digital media. As one of the largest nonprofit academic hospitals in the US, Cedars-Sinai is the official medical center and a key sponsor of the LA Dodgers. A Boundless creative expert worked with each brand’s marketing team to implement a promo strategy. Top priorities included finding 100% cotton products made in the USA that would drive engagement among fans and resolving consistency issues from previous projects. A social media component was also integrated to strengthen the promo and generate visibility.

Over the course of one month, thousands of branded baby beanies were created and distributed to all newborns at Cedars Sinai. Families were encouraged to tweet pictures of their baby wearing the beanie and use the hashtag #LittleDodgerFan. The Dodgers provided incentive to participate by featuring these tweets in the 6th inning at local games.

In conjunction with the campaign, the LA Dodgers gave away sippy cups as in-stadium promotions for fans—thousands were given to every “little Dodgers fan” that entered the stadium at home games. Fans were encouraged to tweet pictures that would appear on the stadium TV feed. The promotion generated over 6,000 uses of the hashtag on Instagram alone, and has received positive feedback from both clients involved.

Fox Consumer Products and their Event Marketing Agency, JORDANAH Inc. teamed up with Boundless to create branded cups for their mobile Kwik-E-Mart tour that launched at SXSW.The tour is in celebration of the Kwik-E-Mart’s first appearance on the show 25 years ago. The truck passed out free squishees served in the custom cups Boundless created. Guests also got to engage in multiple photo ops and interact with the new app Simpsons World available on FXNOW.

JORDANAH, Inc was thrilled to have the branded cups to complete the Simpsons experience for their guests and was particularly impressed by the quick turnaround on behalf of the Boundless creative team. The truck distributed over 3,400 Squishees over two days to excited Simpsons fans, helping to spread the Brand Love across SXSW!

Each year, Time Warner Cable Business Class rolls out a new incentive program to motivate its Account Executives, keep moral high, and grow sales.Armed with creative ideas and the right resources, Boundless proposed a one-of-a-kind custom solution that we named the “High Roller.” This casino-themed award was designed to accommodate additive enhancements so that each time an Account Executive met their goal for the month, they received ten Time Warner-branded poker chips. To keep the program exciting, Boundless also provided branded High Roller-themed monthly reminders, such as tumblers, post-it notes, and USB drives.

The program ran for a year and experienced great success. At the start of the program, management had estimated they would need to recognize 75 Account Executives for exceeding their sales goals. By the end of the year, nearly 100 team members earned a High Roller award for exceeding their monthly goals. The key to the success of this program lies in the specific attention paid to the personalities and needs of the individual users. With each chip an Account Executive receives, he or she is filled with a sense of recognition and pride in their work, knowing they’ve contributed to a larger team goal.

What better way to spread brand love than with a new twist on a quintessential family favorite – MGM’s very own version of Monopoly! Boundless collaborated with MGM to create MGM-opoly, which includes a custom board, player pawns, and content for all of the “chance” cards. The game has since taken on a life of its own, spawning an online version and additional special editions coming soon.

MGM-opoly has proven to be a valuable way for MGM to create awareness of the various properties in their portfolio. As we all know, a good game of Monopoly can last for hours. The MGM-opoly game board represents all of the hotel properties in their portfolio and the players have a chance to “buy” the iconic Bellagio, Circus Circus, Mandalay Bay, etc. And while time is spent playing, MGM-opoly gets invaluable visibility in front of their prospective clients—talk about a great value in terms of cost per impression! Not to mention, the brand is being associated with feel-good family fun that will build memories that will last far longer than the duration of the game.

Boundless rocked JEGS world.The JEGS team now proudly wears matching gear, and these sleek JEGS-branded race jackets are perfect for media events as well as for aiding Cody during races.

JEGS, a small speed shop that has grown into a high-performance powerhouse, has its own race team, warehouse, retail store, and mail order services. The Coughlin family is well known for their achievements in drag racing, with Team JEGS having collected a number of NHRA titles and championships. Cody is a rising star, making his mark in circle track racing and on a path to a promising career.

In addition to sourcing and embroidering the race jacket, Boundless delivered on quick-turnaround branded promotions for Cody’s autographing event, including hats, lip balms, and polo shirts. Cody’s turnout blew everyone away, with a line around the block of fans looking for Cody’s autograph and merchandise!

When Encompass first came to Boundless, their ordering system was fragmented, and they did not have visibility into spend or control over quantities ordered across their 150 branches. Boundless identified the perfect solution to ensure all of Encompass’s orders were streamlined, followed brand guidelines, and were processed as efficiently as possible: our patented GroupBuy™ technology. GroupBuy™ aggregates large orders across multiple buyers and locations to help Encompass consolidate orders. GroupBuy has helped Encompass organize and control branding initiatives while driving significant savings (both dollars and time). The more buyers who order, the lower the cost of each product becomes.

Boundless has helped Encompass increase oversight and streamline orders while saving 25 – 35% annually through GroupBuy. Read on to see how we worked together to help spread the Brand Love.

PIRCH is a fast-growing kitchen, bath, and outdoor showroom company, expanding at a rate of three stores per year across the US. A large part of the unique PIRCH shopping experience is the atmosphere and culture of their showrooms. PIRCH needed an easy and streamlined way of ordering the perfect products that matched their company motto: “Live Joyfully.” PIRCH had been using a range of vendors to service their promotional needs and was looking for a better way to manage their promotional strategy.

PIRCH needed a partner to help them permeate their showroom experience with products that represented their brand—and a more efficient way to do it. This, along with the fact that the Boundless and PIRCH company missions align, made a partnership with Boundless a perfect match. Read on to see how we worked together to find the perfect products for PIRCH stores and ensure 100% adoption of their Portal solution, empowering individual buyers while upholding brand guidelines.

For about a decade, Boundless has been consulting with Campus Apartments, giving them the tools to manage promotional spend and promote their brand with the best possible products. Effectively, we have worked to make sure the branding stays consistent and strong using our proprietary Portal technology.

In collaborating with Campus Apartments Boundless has acted as an extension of their marketing team—strategizing business development and protecting brand integrity. We have created a custom Portal Store solution to provide staff an easy way to buy pre-approved items and manage spend which led to 100% of buyers purchasing branded items from this store. Read on to learn how we were able to reduce staff time, ensure brand consistency, and drive buy-in with our custom solution.

In just a few years, SCI rapidly increased its footprint through acquisitions across the US — and needed a centralized solution where buyers in its 2,000 locations could order SCI-branded products. The challenge was to make transitions as smooth and non-intrusive as possible—not just in business practices, but in technology integration to ensure proper visibility and control.

SCI has worked with Boundless for nearly a decade, and they recently partnered to build a custom Portal Store where SCI curates approved branded products on a fully-transactional website. Boundless was top-of-mind in 2013 when SCI began its search for a tech-savvy partner to help further integrate their systems and deliver improved visibility and control. Read on to learn how we were able to save SCI $250,000+ in annual savings and drive a 20% annual increase in buyer adoption.