“Boundless has far exceeded my expectations. We came from a model that was working but definitely had a lot of room for improvement. When we made the transition to the Boundless’ solution, there were adjustments just like with any change—but they made it completely worthwhile. Our partners at Boundless went through every step with me and remain an invaluable resource for us.”

–Erin Volbeda, Director of Marketing, Encompass Home Health & Hospice

Streamlining Orders Across the Country

When Encompass first came to Boundless, their ordering system was fragmented, and they did not have visibility into spend or control over quantities ordered across their branches. Boundless identified the perfect solution to ensure all of Encompass’s orders were streamlined, followed brand guidelines, and were processed as efficiently as possible: our patented GroupBuy™ technology. GroupBuy™ aggregates large orders across multiple buyers and locations to help Encompass consolidate orders. GroupBuy™ has helped Encompass organize and control branding initiatives while driving significant savings (both dollars and time). The more buyers who order, the lower the cost of each product becomes.

Collaborating with Boundless creative experts, Encompass selects one product (such as stress balls or mugs) for the year, and then each month a tailored version of those products is produced to represent the monthly theme (i.e. cancer care or fall prevention). The products are distributed to referral sources such as doctor’s offices to educate physicians about the benefits for patients in using Encompass’ home care services. These bulk-order products empower Encompass to make a real impression on the people who matter to them most: the doctors and the patients they guide to the right solution for home care. In essence, these small yet powerful products help make sure someone in need is paired with the services they deserve to live a healthy life.

Spreading the Love with Other Programs

GroupBuy™ has worked so seamlessly that Encompass also decided to use the tool for monthly marketing celebration products for their staff, as well as quarterly “essentials” orders. These orders include products such as pens, hand sanitizers, and lip balm (which the division managers use all year long). Due to popular demand, the product selection has doubled from seven to fourteen products per quarter.

Partnering with Boundless has given Encompass the opportunity to focus on what is important: getting the right product to the right person at the right time. In effect, Encompass is able to spread what Boundless calls “Brand Love” — not only to prospective patients, but also to their staff and their referral sources.

Encompass GroupBuy Examples: Mug Campaign, Heart Health Campaign, & Softball Fun

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  • 150 branches that varied in size, budget, and promotional product volume needs
  • Decentralized order process with limited insight into budget and brand consistency


  • Implemented GroupBuy™ to aggregate bulk orders and lower the price for each buyer
  • Provided creative guidance to procure the best products
  • Implemented additional oversight and streamlining of ordering process


  • Maintain brand consistency by offering buyers only approved items
  • 25-35% annual savings using GroupBuy™
  • 20 GroupBuy™s implemented annually

Encompass Home Health & Hospice is a homecare company serving 15 states nationwide. An industry leader in patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes, Encompass delivers comprehensive care to keep adults, children and adolescents on the path toward positive results. Encompass operates in 150 locations and supports over 5,500 employees.