“Ordering promotional items used to be an absolute downer for our team. Now the tools we use through Boundless empower our staff to make purchasing decisions and be creative. The excitement has spread throughout the organization because it has made purchasing promotional products easy, efficient, and importantly, fun!”

–Alexandra Tuthill, Assistant Director of Marketing, PIRCH

A One-Of-A-Kind Shopping Experience

PIRCH is a fast-growing kitchen, bath, and outdoor showroom company, expanding at a rate of three stores per year across the US. A large part of the unique PIRCH shopping experience is the atmosphere and culture of their showrooms. PIRCH needed an easy and streamlined way of ordering the perfect products that matched their company motto: “Live Joyfully.” PIRCH had been using a range of vendors to service their promotional needs and was looking for a better way to manage their promotional strategy.

A Partner To Help Spread the Brand Love

PIRCH needed a partner to help them permeate their showroom experience with products that represented their brand—and a more efficient way to do it. This, along with the fact that the Boundless and PIRCH company missions align, made a partnership with Boundless a perfect match. PIRCH exists to make moments count – to deliver more than just a tub, grill, or range, but also to create memories for people using those items. Boundless is also committed to creating what we call Brand Love moments – those instants when a product allows a person to make a real connection with a brand. Our brand experts partnered with PIRCH to assemble a selection of the ideal products to align with their mission and even worked with the company on creative ways to display the products throughout the store—all at an affordable price!

To make sure this fast-paced company was using their time wisely, Boundless introduced Portal, our online platform for sourcing products, organizing ideas, managing invoices and tracking orders.Portal eliminates the back-and-forth with a sales rep to get information on product and all the order details. Now, PIRCH can save invaluable time and energy by accessing all of their order details and tracking information in one place. The Idea Books feature has given PIRCH the ability to gather and share ideas across their organization to identify the perfect product for the perfect moment. Management is also a huge fan of the Projects tool in Portal, where they can put together all the products they want for a specific project and get a quote that is stored on their account, helping to keep orders organized and providing a reference for budgeting.

Now Ordering is Easy and Fun

PIRCH was so impressed with the efficiency of the solution, they also began to order all of their uniforms through Boundless to streamline and distribute orders to their nearly 500 employees. Buyers in each location can now manage their own orders, alleviating the responsibility for one person to coordinate across multiple locations. Boundless is currently working with PIRCH to create a custom online store where they will have easy access to all of PIRCH’s approved products to order and re-order with ease on a fully-transactional site.

PIRCH Promotional Products

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  • PIRCH is growing quickly with multiple locations across the US
  • Needed a way to keep showrooms full of on-brand promotional products
  • Didn’t have time to organize and manage orders for buyers across the country


  • Identified the perfect products to represent PIRCH’s brand
  • Introduced Portal to source and manage orders in a central online platform
  • Empowered individual buyers to be creative and manage their own orders


  • Now clients request PIRCH-branded products every time they come to a showroom
  • PIRCH saves invaluable time using the Portal solution for both customer giveaways and staff uniforms
  • Buyers enjoy using Portal, keeping the solution’s adoption rate at 100%

PIRCH is a luxury provider of kitchen, bath, outdoor, laundry and joy in seven locations throughout the United States (and growing). One of Forbes’ 25 Most Promising Companies of 2015, PIRCH invites clients to fully interact with their products, and employs a staff of carefully trained salespeople to create a whole new level of personalized experience.