“Boundless and SCI have joined forces to truly break ground in eProcurement software integration. Our program’s success is due to Boundless’ dedication to quality, technical know-how, and industry expertise. Boundless has time and again proven themselves as one of our most trusted strategic partners.”

–Rone Luczynski, Senior Managing Director, Supply Chain Management, SCI

A Growing Company

In just a few years, SCI rapidly increased its footprint through acquisitions across the US — and needed a centralized solution where buyers in its 2,000 locations could order SCI-branded products. The challenge was to make transitions as smooth and non-intrusive as possible—not just in business practices, but in technology integration to ensure proper visibility and control.

The First Integration of Its Kind

SCI has worked with Boundless for nearly a decade, and they recently partnered to build a custom Portal Store where SCI curates approved branded products on a fully-transactional website. Boundless was top-of-mind in 2013 when SCI began its search for a tech-savvy partner to help further integrate their systems and deliver improved visibility and control.

Boundless worked directly with SCI’s eProcurement software provider to help pioneer the first integration of its kind—bridging SCI’s Boundless-powered Portal Store with eProcurement software. Now, SCI not only has one centralized platform for employees across the country to collaborate, share ideas, and purchase, but it also is connected directly to their processing systems to ensure smooth reporting and visibility, including a custom invoice processing system.

The solution has had a positive impact on every aspect of business. Everyone is happy—from the procurement team to the buyers, right down to the user of the product. The Portal Store is easy to use with streamlined purchasing and payment processing, and the curated product selection ensures consistency across all locations. For employees across the country, this means being handed a custom welcome kit and being filled with a sense of pride upon joining the SCI team.

Order Processing Made Simple

The eProcurement integration allows for efficient processing of orders and payments, as well as reporting and spend management. As a result, user adoption continues to grow by 20% year over year, with purchasing activity over $2 million per year. Since partnering with Boundless, SCI has saved over $250,000 annually by eliminating inventory, gaining deeper insight into promotional spend, and consolidating spend among select vendors.

SCI Online Store

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  • 2,000+ decentralized locations, 25,000+ employees
  • Varying branding and technology across acquired businesses
  • Rogue buyer purchases contributing to higher costs and inconsistent branding


  • Boundless integrated our Portal Store product with SCI’s preferred eProcurement system
  • Provided visibility into promotional spend and brand management


  • 20% annual increase in buyer adoption
  • $250,000+ annual savings
  • $2+ million annual merchandise sales

SCI is North America’s largest provider of funeral and cemetery services with locations in 45 states, 8 Canadian provinces, and Puerto Rico. SCI is dedicated to supporting families at difficult times, celebrating lives and preserving memories by providing funeral services and grief management.